ShoreTel Contact Center

Call Centers have changed over the years to include email, chat and multiple other forms of communications. An enterprise contact center encompasses all forms of communications to effectively connect to customers.

We recognized that contact centers need to be highly integrated into a business and its applications. We accomplish this with the use of database integration, self-help services, CRM screen pops and intelligent call routing based on call priority and agent skill.


Business Electronics has been helping clients design and implement ShoreTel contact center services solutions that has helped improve customer sales, service, increase efficiency and reduce costs.




Multi-modal Communications at Your Agents’ Fingertips


Respond to the consumer-driven market place with a communications platform that puts business intelligence right where it’s needed.  Communicate with customers via voice, email or chat.


Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs


ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center is designed to deliver a rapid return on investment.


Business Process Application Integration


You’ve invested in a CRM – now watch it really pay off. Quickly know who is calling and why, track call volumes AND outcomes, transfer calls and all customer history automatically and so much more.


Advanced Functionality


The ShoreTel outbound dialer provides a versatile solution to meet the needs of preview and progressive campaigns.