Network Monitoring

Equipping your office with a properly optimized network is one of the first steps to ensuring that your employees have the tools that they need to succeed. A properly set up and monitored network runs like a well-oiled machine, always prepared for the tasks at hand. Many business owners don’t see the value in continually monitoring and updating a network once it is up and running. However without this continual maintenance, your network will face a number of threats such as downtimes, slow response time, security risks or worse.

There are many benefits to implementing network monitoring from Business Electronics, including:

  • Keep your Network in Check: Easily set up different monitoring metrics and monitor everything on your network—the software that users are downloading on their computers, the amount of disk space left on individual devices, and even how much toner your printers have left! IT has never been easier!

  • Setup and Prioritize Alerts: Get alerted to the things that are most important to you! Set up alerts to detect, diagnose and troubleshoot issues before they get out hand, to identify when servers or services are down and much more!

  • Monitor and Manage Email: Monitor everything from the current load on your Exchange server to the size of each individual users inbox, getting a big picture view of the weight that email carries on your network.


See a video about the benefits of our Network Monitoring Service.


These are just a few of the many reasons to implement network monitoring from Business Electronics. To learn more about how you get started, please contact us today!