Business Electronics Technology Review

Complete, no-obligation network assessments from Business Electronics uncover security risks and other technical problems that can potentially cause serious headaches for you business later.

Discover Your Risks

When you allow us to provide your business with a network assessment, we will complete a thorough evaluation of your network and create a client risk report, which we will review with you and provide recommendations. Remember, there is no obligation to hire us to resolve these issues, but we know you’ll want to resolve them. If you would like a quote, we’ll be happy to provide one, and then you can decide what you’d like to do.

The Client Risk Report may reveal:

  • Security Risks: external risks, internal systems with open ports, former user accounts that have not been disabled
  • Accessibility Issues: misconfiguration, mailbox delegate access, distribution group membership
  • Hardware Needs: removal of hardware from the domain; upgrade needs for servers, workstations or printers
  • Software Problems: missing patches, service packs or security updates; missing anti-virus or anti-spyware; firewall misconfiguration; weak passwords
  • Need For Configuration Improvement: inconsistent security policies; access that needs to be blocked; content filtering for email, downloads, social media and entertainment

If you allow us to complete a network assessment for your business, you will not have to invest much time or energy. Our network scan only takes about 30 minutes for an average-sized network, so you won’t have to worry about probes on your network for long periods of time. As an added convenience, we do not install software which means your current IT company doesn’t have to know you are having the evaluation done.

If you want to prevent IT problems before they happen, please contact us for your no-obligation network assessment and client risk report.