Backup & Disaster Recovery

Losing your business’s data might be the single worst disaster you can face as a business owner or manager. The potential for financial loss is tremendous. Your business’s data has it’s own value, but the downtime associated with data loss can be costly, as well.

In the days when all our documents were on paper, businesses purchased insurance policies to indemnify losses. In the digital age, backup service is that insurance policy.

With backup services from Business Electronics, you can rest assured that all your data is safe and will be quickly recovered in the event of a technology catastrophe. You won’t lose your companies valuable data, and your profitability won’t be damaged by excessive downtime.

Your time is valuable; don’t spend time worrying about the what-ifs. Business Electronics is your reliable fail-safe when it comes to data recovery.Quick video about our premium Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution benefits

Our services offer peace of mind through:

  • Backing up data as often as every five minutes
  • Backing up data off-site
  • Backing up to our Cloud Portal
  • Recovering damaged files instantly
  • Recovering complete operating environment
  • Minimizing downtime after system failures

Watch a video about the benefits of our Vault Backup and Disaster Recovery Service.

Login to the Ambit Network Services Cloud Backup Portal.

Disaster can strike at any time; so don’t put off the task of backing up your business’s important data. Contact us today to secure you data.